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Gilles PLACE

Habère-Poche , HAUTE-SAVOIE (74)


Languages: French / English
Production: Available

Self-taught, Gilles has come to photography through animal photography.
Then, little by little, he did landscape and reporting.
Having become a professional, he mainly photographs the mountain and the mountaineers,
in the Alps but also abroad,
for the magazine press and for tourist offices.
After several years working exclusively on his region,
he travels twice to Iran. A discovery that he wanted of slowness and meetings,
and who has had a lasting influence on his creative process.
In his images, he strives to make the austere dimension of his subjects.
He is interested in local cultures, including religious,
as well as forms of voluntary and friendly simplicity.
His work often extends with an exploration of the possibilities of software editing.
An approach that wants to be more and more solved and pushed over time.
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