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Bordeaux , GIRONDE (33)


Languages: French / English
Production: Available

Passionate about traveling and in perpetual quest of change of scenery,
he travels the world as soon as the opportunity arises.
From the desert of Oman to the Laotian countryside
through the Australian outback or the mythical Galapagos Islands,
he is constantly searching for the most authentic experiences.
The link between photography and travel is obvious for him:
he travels to photograph, just as he photographs to make travel.
His explorations in more than 40 countries, on five continents,
have been a great source of photographic inspiration
and it is this vision of the world that he aspires to share through his clichés.
When traveling, the subjects are infinite
but his sensibility is moving towards scenes of life and portraits
as well as landscapes, architecture and wildlife.
He particularly enjoys reporting
which leads him to explore a country or a region in depth.
And if there is one region of the world that fascinates him more than another, it is Asia.
His Asian travels gave him the desire to share
what he saw and several projects were born:
the exhibition "Visions of Asia (s)" seeking to show the plurality of this continent
as well as a photo trip to Bali,
designed specifically for travel and photo lovers.


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