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Bagnères-de-Bigorre , HAUTES-PYRÉNÉES (65)


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From the Pyrenees to the Sahara, from Kilimanjaro to Annapurna, from the Nile to the Orinoco,
globe-trotter and mountain pro:
his thirst, moreover, led him to the summits and the heart of the deserts of the world.
Armed with his cameras, Jean Nogrady regularly brings back reports for the magazine press.
A former tracker, he mainly works on mountain images by putting his paw climber and mountaineer.
Walking for years the paths of the Pyrenees (his base camp),
the sands of the Sahara, the Himalayan valleys, the African summits
and many other wonders of our planet, Jean is not only a mountain professional,
but above all, a lover of nature.
Experienced trekking guide, sports photographer and reporter on foot,
for him the best trip is not necessarily far
but often hidden at random from an undergrowth, a canyon or a wall.
In search of the moment, a light, curves and lines,
his approach is done with a slow progression and meetings.
His photos, because of this, are very nature, imbued with simplicity, in search of the epure.
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