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Bertrand BODIN

La Bâtie-Neuve , HAUTES-ALPES (05)


Born in 1955 · Languages: French / English
Production: Available

According to Bertrand, the photographic act is a work that is both intellectual and instinctive.
Intellectual, because it requires a technical mastery, reading light
and composition, and also some ability to conceptualize his image.
Instinctive, because at the moment of triggering, he forgets everything
to penetrate a world beyond the world.
A photograph must be the testimony of a personal vision,
the interpretation of a thought, an emotion, a desire to say,
to invent his own language.
The photographic techniques that Bertrand Bodin uses are multiple:
film, digital, color, black and white ...
Bertrand's work is devoted to large spaces:
alpine spaces ... which he observes
tirelessly variations under the bottom of the seasons
or the subtle path of light.
Demanding, passionate, tireless craftsman,
this rosy gob of calm mornings and flaming blades,
this candle blast of the sunsets with the tenuous lights,
this robber of ephemeral jewels sleeps among the stones,
herbs, animals and simple people.
"His hostel is on the Big Dipper ..." said the poet!


The wildlife filmmaker
Jean-Michel BERTRAND
is going back to
the mountains of his childhood
(a lonely valley,
totally wild), and swears
to see, one day, wolves.
After months of tracking
and carts, the book of
Bertrand BODIN,
"Valley of the Wolves",
retrace this quest and reveal
for the first time,
the life of wild wolves
in the French Alps.


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